Saskatoon Touch Football League
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The football game is played on one half of a regulation size football field. The field is 65 yards wide x 55 yards long, plus one 20-yard end zone.

A team’s offence starts on the 45-yard line and has 3 downs to make 10 yards. If 10 yards are not obtained, then the other team’s offence gets the ball on the 45-yard line
Interceptions returned to the 45-yard line are worth 2 points. Then the intercepting team keeps possession of the ball to start a new drive on the 45-yard line.

Games are two 30-minute halves and the last three minutes of each half are stop time.

There is no kicking or punting.

A player is considered “down” when deliberately touched by one hand of the opposing team.

All other rules pertaining to offence and defence follow the Canadian Touch Football Rulebook, with some minor exceptions.