STFL Policies





1.1 The League Executive shall determine the number of teams that the League will accommodate prior to the commencement of each season. The League Executive will determine the size of the league based on the best interests of the League, considering such factors as:

  • field availability;
  • availability of officials; and
  • scheduling requirements.

1.2 If there are any team spots to fill (through existing teams folding or league expansion) any team on the Waiting List will be provided the opportunity in order of their placing on the Waiting List.

  • Any new team, including those on the Waiting List, wanting to join the league for the upcoming season must submit their entry with full League Fees on or before Registration Night, but after the Spring AGM.
  • On Registration Night, any open “spots” will be filled from the existing Waiting List then all new teams not on the Waiting List will be drawn to either fill any remaining open “spots” or to be added, in order drawn, to the existing Waiting List for the next season.
  • Any team submitting full League Fees that does not attain any of the open “spots” will have their full League Fees refunded to them on Registration Night.
  • The League Executive will contact all teams on the Waiting List prior to the Spring AGM to notify them of the meeting dates as well as to confirm maintained interest in joining the League. 
  • If any team “passes” on entry into the League they forfeit their ranking on the Waiting List and must re-enter the draw to remain on the Waiting List.
  • No deposits are required to remain on the Waiting List. No team shall be added to the Waiting List other than on Registration Night, by this draw procedure, as indicated above.

1.3 If at any time the League Executive decides to reduce the number of teams in the league from the year prior and the number of returning teams exceeds the number of teams that the League will accommodate, the League Executive will make a determination as to which returning teams to exclude.  The League Executive will have absolute discretion regarding the teams to be excluded but shall consider the following factors:

  • whether the team meets the Team in Good Standing qualifications as described in Policy 3.00;
  • the team’s participation record (i.e. past game or linesman defaults);
  • the team’s discipline record with the League; and
  • the number of years that a team has been a member of the league (including consideration of last team in, first team out criteria).

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2.1 “Returning Teams” are teams that played in the League in the prior season and are made up of at least one (1) Team Rep/Contact (as listed on the STFL website for the prior season) and at least six (6) players who were registered with the team and played a minimum of six (6) games in the prior season (“Returning Players”). In all cases, the League Executive will have absolute discretion on which team would be deemed to be the Returning Team.

2.2 Subject to the contraction policy set out in 1.00 above, Returning Teams shall have an automatic right to pre-register for an upcoming season in accordance with the pre-registration requirements set by the League Executive for the upcoming season.

2.3 If a group of Returning Players are too few to form a Returning Team in accordance with 2.01 above, they may make an application to the League Executive for Returning Team status but such application must be made at least thirty (30) days prior to the League’s Spring Annual General Meeting (“Spring AGM”).  

2.4 The League Executive shall have absolute discretion in considering an application under 2.03 and may consider any factor that the League Executive deems relevant to the determination.  In addition, the League Executive may grant Returning Team status subject to any requirements or conditions they deem appropriate in the circumstances. 

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For a team to NOT be in good standing with the League, a team must have had:

  • a minimum of (2) defaults for (2) consecutive seasons or
  • had disciplinary action brought upon it by the Disciplinary Committee or
  • had multiple disciplinary actions brought upon at least (1) roster player

Any team NOT in Good Standing will be notified prior to December 31st of that year.

3.1 Teams not in good standing will be placed on probation for two years.  If the team has no infractions in the two year period, they would be considered in good standing.

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4.1 The league schedule for the first half of the season will be available to teams via the website at a date no later than two weeks prior to the start of the regular season.

4.2 The league schedule for the second half of the season will be available to teams via the website at a date no later than two weeks prior to the end of the first half of the regular season.

4.3 The post season playoff schedule will be available to teams via the website at a date no later than two weeks prior to the end of the regular season.

4.4 The league has the right to reschedule a regular season game if a minimum 48 hours notice is given to teams. Any rescheduled game times will not be rescheduled by more than 2 hours on any given night.

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5.1 Any team that wishes to reschedule a league game must arrange for the following:

  1. The rescheduling team (Team A) must fill out the Rescheduling Form which is available on the STFL website and ensure this form is received by the League.  This must be done at least 8 days in advance of the game in question;
  2. The rescheduling team (Team A) must notify the opposing team (Team B) that the game is being rescheduled.
  3. The League will contact the opposing team (Team B) to give them rescheduling options from which they can choose.  Whenever possible, options will be within 14 days of the original date;
  4. Team B will be given 48 hours to choose the option that works best for them and will then communicate that choice to the League;
  5. Upon selection of a rescheduled date, the League will contact Team A with the new date, time and field location;
  6. If the new date does not work for Team A, they will lose the game by default.

5.2 Teams are permitted to reschedule a maximum of one (1) league game in one season.

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6.1 Teams may apply to the Fields/Re-scheduling member of the League Executive to consider re-scheduling a 1st round playoff game.

6.2 A team needing to re-schedule a playoff game after the 1st round must make written application to the Fields/Re-scheduling member of the League Executive a minimum of (5) days prior to the game in question or within 24 hours after winning your last playoff game.

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7.1 The Performance Bond is set at $200.

  1. Fines are set as follows:
    1. Single Game Default:  $115 (grass field); $225 (turf field);
    2. Double Game Default: $55 each team (grass field); $115 each team (turf field);
    3. Failure to attend an Annual General Meeting: $50;

                    iv.       Playing a game with an unregistered player or a player registered on another STFL team: $25 per player per game; and

  1. Failure to attend spring Referee Clinic (1st & 2nd year teams only): $50 per player.

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Every team in the STFL must have two sets of numbered jerseys, of different colors. In the case of two teams wearing the same colored jersey, the home team must change their jersey color.  Failure to do so will result in forfeit of game.

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9.1 The STFL recommends that pregnant females do not participate in touch football, based on research which can be provided to any individual that requests it. 

9.2 If the pregnant player chooses to play up to 12 weeks, the STFL will be requiring that the individual:

  • Have written consent to play up to 12 weeks or less within her pregnancy; and
  • must have their family physician complete the STFL pregnancy clearance form. 

9.3 Any player participating in the STFL while pregnant assumes all risks of injury for herself and unborn child.

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